we got a thing they can't shake.
This is a blog dedicated to the flawless couple 'Jason and Samantha Morgan' of General Hospital and the actors who portray them; Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco.
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GH 30 Day Challenge

Baby its just you & me
we got a thing they cant shake
Maybe its a little hard sometimes to take
But Ill tell you something,
it's a life worth living
Just so you know, I wouldn't give it up no.

If I let go, he’s gonna be gone. He can’t really be gone.

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it’s ours.

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They say if you have the phoenix and the dragon together… it’s meant to be

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mendaciousangel whispered,
"After the last 8 years, you'd think they would give Sam and Jason a break. I understand the desire for drama, etc, but come on! Franco raping Sam while J watches? Ugh. Franco is basically Manny, but he actually succeeds. Hopefully Ron, who I know from my time working on OLTL, will do better. Are Jason and Sam even together right now? I thought Jason said he needed time, which I hope isn't true."

Yes, they are together right now..but they aren’t the same to me..I miss my vintage Jasam. They’ll never get a break this is GH we’re talking about lolol…hopefully they’ll at least get their baby

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frenchiee21 whispered,
"omg i love love love your blog!!! i am a HUGE jasam fan<3 thanx for your amazing post!"

awww thankyou!

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